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Time management

In this blog post, I'm going to introduce four steps to managing your time effectively for better work-life balance. In fact, managing time is really a bit of a myth because time is essentially ‘fixed'. Read more…


Time management goals

Time management goals – the new business objective for Homepreneurs Better work-life balance is often cited as one of the main reasons people leave the 9 to 5 to set up their own business working Read more…


#3 13 Ways to overcome isolation when working from home

Show Notes Links mentioned in this podcast episode Imposter syndrome Meetup Eventbrite For a detailed write-up on isolation read the blog post: https://www.homepreneur.co/working-from-home-isolation/ Follow Homepreneur on social media and keep in touch: Website: www.homepreneur.co Email: Amanda Brown Facebook Read more…


#2 The Homepreneur Survey 2018

In this week's episode, I bring you the findings of the Homepreneur Survey 2018. The responses are from 550 respondents across a range of roles. The five main challenges are: Feelings of isolation which lead many to Read more…


25 Productivity Hacks

25 Productivity Hacks to save you time Productivity hacks are easy-to-implement tips to save you time in your working day so you can get more done effectively and efficiently. We've all heard of: Work Smarter not Read more…


Amanda Brown

Amanda Brown


Homepreneur for the past 20 years as a marketing consultant.

Content creator and community manager. Currently writing the Homepreneur book and online course.

Lucy Brown

Lucy Brown


New Homepreneur in 2018. A true wordsmith with an eye for detail.

Writer and editor for the blog and the Homepreneur book, Lucy shares her experience of working from home.

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Kind words from clients

Here are some kind words from people I've had the pleasure of working with
Suzy Moody

Suzy Moody

Strategic Manager, Home-Start Hertfordshire

Amanda has been instrumental in me getting to where I am. I knew very little about social media marketing before I knew her.
She has invested her time (and patience) in training me, and always finds time to chat, help and give advice. It was only today, when listening to her delivering training to our team, that I realised she has in effect been a mentor to me. Amanda Brown thank you!

Ruth Farenga

Ruth Farenga

Mindful Pathway

'Amanda's Weekly Planners have been hugely motivating for me in terms of planning my weeks - they enable to keep a good structure for the week while staying flexible. I love doing them and checking in to see if I'm on track. Thanks for providing such a useful tool that really helps me organise my time and achieve my short term goals!'

Karen Hutchison

Karen Hutchison

Purple Hearts First Aid Training

Having attended one of Amanda's workshops myself and my business partner were so drawn to her approachable manner and her depth of knowledge that we then booked a session with her to help us understand the most effective way to expand our client base. We found this extremely informative and straight forward to put in to practice. We will definitely use her services again.

Emma Cummings

Emma Cummings

Director, Ian Scott Photography

I am buzzing from all the ideas and practical tips and can’t wait to get started on my list of action points!
Your knowledge and help is greatly appreciated. I don’t think I have ever looked at my productivity in a business sense which was a real eye opener. Some of the smallest changes are going to have a huge impact.
I feel a lot clearer going forward.