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#16 Author and Mumpreneur, Debbie Gilbert shares her Homepreneur journey

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In this episode I interview Debbie Gilbert, founder of Mums Unltd and author of a brand new book, The Successful Mumpreneur. She manages 11 networking groups across the south-east of England from Northampton down to Whitstable in Kent.

She talks about the challenge of writing a book whilst running a full-time business. She advises if you are tackling a new project to block out specific time in your diary to achieve your target. Her warm personality and caring approach to supporting women starting a business from home is at the heart of the way in which she runs her networking groups.

She runs Best Business Women Awards which celebrates the achievements of women across a range of different business categories. Rather than being industry-specific, Debbie has categories which are a little different from the usual awards – Best Blogger, Best Boss, Best Coach to name a few. She holds a winners' lunch every in London where all winners, past and present, are invited. Over the years this will grow into an inspiring cohort to be part of.

You can find Debbie on LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/debgilbert

The Best Business Women Awards: bestbusinesswomenawards.com/  

Twitter: VivaDebi





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