Overcome the challenges of working from home


Hi! My name is Amanda Brown, founder of Homepreneur, helping you benefit from my experience of the past 20 years of working from my home office. During that time I have seen the rise of the internet, the impact of social media and the benefits of outsourcing on starting and growing a business. I have also seen the effect of the banking crisis in the last 10 years and the increasing dissatisfaction with corporate life.

In the past year, I have written two books, Homepreneur: How to Overcome the Challenges of running a Home-based Business and The Homepreneur Marketing Guide:33 Tactics for Growing your Business which you can download free.


I have also created the Business Focus Academy which is a library of business skills modules and lessons and fortnightly live online workshops as well as several stand alone courses to help you run an efficient business.

Helping you maintain work-life balance

For both women and men, leaving corporate life to raise children, throws up many challenges including affording childcare and also the difficult – some might say, impossible decision between returning to their original careers with starting something new.

There are also the baby boomers who may have reduced their formal working hours or even retired but who have the desire to use their vast experience, knowledge and zest for life, as well as a need to supplement small pension pots and start turning their passions into profits.

Over the years I have run three successful ‘kitchen table' businesses, alongside raising my two daughters on my own. There have been times when I have started new projects which have turned out to be less than successful but from which I have learned a great deal.

I understand how juggling a successful career with a fulfilling personal life is challenging and hope you'll find my experience will help you with your own journey.