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Beginner’s Guide to Social Selling on Instagram

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Instagram has become very popular in the last few years. It experienced quite an enormous expansion and is rivaling traditional platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Because of this, the social network has gained a lot of traction among businesses and entrepreneurs. And with that, we come to social selling.

Social selling is one of the new terms in the world of marketing. It refers to all sales-related activities that are performed on social media like Instagram. Basically, people who have a large audience inherently have a large pool of potential customers. By presenting products to them, you’re able to generate enormous profit.

But before you’re able to do so, it’s important to build up an audience and generate interest.
Here is how you can do it in 5 easy steps!

Best practices for increasing your audience

Without an audience, you’re not able to sell anything on Instagram. The whole process relies on your ability to promote your business and become popular within the community. So, before we touch on social selling, it is necessary to mention some of the best practices that will allow you to increase your followership.

1. Use high-quality photos and videos

Quality and uniqueness are the two main things that you need to keep in mind when it comes to Instagram. People are reluctant to follow posters who don’t have good pics or videos. So, before you go any further, make sure to buy a good smartphone or camera that will allow you to create solid content.

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2. Connect with other influencers

Building a large audience from scratch is a really hard task. In fact, most successful Instagram entrepreneurs shy away from this approach. Instead, they connect with other influencers thus exponentially increasing their exposure. Instead of starting from zero and adding one person after another, it is much better to rely on other people for exposure. Best way to do it? By sharing other influencers’ content and slowly connect with them until they start posting your own stuff.

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3. Use hashtags and quotes

Hashtags are crucial for social media. But, make sure not to overuse them as this will have a reverse impact. Instead, use them from time to time when you really want to make an impact. They can especially be great as a selling tool; when you want to avert attention to a product or service you wish to market. Quotes are the second powerful tool you need to use on a constant basis. They are great for breaking up the feed and allowing content to keep coming into Instagram.

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4. Provide free stuff to your loyal fans

If you really wish to increase your Instagram followership, you need to give something in return. Make sure to share promo codes and other freebies to people who are always on your channel. This is a good investment that will go a long way and will help you solidify your base audience.

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5. Focus on storytelling

Storytelling is something that marketing companies have been using for a while now. Simply posting a photo isn’t enough to create a buzz or make people care about you. Instead, you need to present the content in the form of a story. It has to have the main protagonist, obstacles along the way, and ultimately, a victorious ending.

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6. Four tricks for social selling

Now that you have a somewhat large audience behind you, you’re able to start selling products. But, be very careful; the process is much harder than it seems. In fact, if you’re bad at social selling, you might even alienate your most popular fans.

Here are four tricks that will help you do it the right way:

  1. Focus on selling products that are related to your account theme. For example, if you’re into bodybuilding, supplements would be a great choice. This will increase the sales as the majority of your audience is most likely into this stuff
  2. Don’t be too pushy. Selling a product shouldn’t be in the main focus. It is something that should come along the way. Don’t do it frequently.
  3. Use reviews and testimonials whenever you can. This will build confidence that you’re offering some really nice items.
  4. You can use hashtags for sales and discounts. Not only do hashtags resonate with an audience but they will also help you get to people who are not regularly visiting your account.

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With these basic tips, you’re ready for social selling on Instagram.
No matter what, don’t be too aggressive, take it a day at a time and never forget that your content is the main reason why people are checking you out!

Ellan Dineen is the Marketing Associate at Design Wizard. When she’s not hard at work in the Marketing Department, Ellan can be found en route to foreign lands with a book in her hand and a podcast in her ear. With a Master’s in English and Diploma in Social Media Marketing, she knows the importance of staying up-to-date with the industry’s latest trends and insights and is keen to pass these tips on to her readers.

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