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Business Focus Academy

The BUSINESS FOCUS ACADEMY is an Online Membership training programme with fortnightly support from me, Amanda Brown, business consultant and founder of the Homepreneur Community.

The Modules will be uploaded monthly to the membership website and consist of:

  • video training
  • the audio version of the training
  • checklists
  • worksheets

You will have lifetime access to the modules as long as you are a member so you can go back over them at your leisure.

There will be a fortnightly call – ‘Office Hours' – where you can attend the Zoom online meeting and ask questions about your specific problems. There will also be a Forum once the membership reaches a certain size.

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Module 1:   Focus on Planning – business planning, cash flow forecasting and budgeting, SWOT analysis and weekly scheduling
Module 2:   Focus on Action – elements of marketing, operations, finance and sustainable growth
Module 3:   Focus on Marketing 1 – website essentials, email marketing, Facebook marketing, LinkedIn lead generation
Module 4:   Focus on Marketing 2 – blogging, autoresponders, automation, blogging and networking
Module 5:   Focus on the Productive Mindset – the Art of the Possible
Module 6:   Focus on Skills – graphics, audio and video, productivity tools and apps, new media of podcasts and webinars
Module 7:   Focus on your Customer – referrals, recommendations and testimonials
Module 8:   Focus on your Story – the importance of people to people brand building
Module 9:   Focus on Efficiency and Effectiveness – making the best use of your time and money by maximising outputs at minimal input
Module 10: Focus on Finance – the 10+10+10+10 revenue growth model
Module 11: Focus on Growth – vertical integration and diversification
Module 12: Focus on Review – accountability, mentors, coaches and the annual review

There will be a limited number of members in the beta group and the launch of the Business Focus Academy will be in February 2019. The cost to the beta members is just £25 per month and will remain at that level for the lifetime of your membership.

For new members, it will rise to £50 per month.

This is the most cost-effective business course with fortnightly access to training on the market.

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