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#19 Interview with IT and Operation expert, David Hardstaff seasoned Homepreneur

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In this episode, I talk to David Hardstaff who talks about his consultancy business and working from home. We talk about the importance of having the right technology for your business. He uses an electric powered rising desk to aid standing whilst working and walks around whilst on the phone. He advises people to keep on the move as much as possible.

We discuss the Pomodoro technique for efficient working.

He has two parts to his business – software development and developing larger online applications where he works with associates. He troubleshoots systems which need TLC.

The other arm is bespoke consultancy where he analyses the business’s whole ecosystem. He bridges the gap between business and technology. He points out the risks of using a provider that doesn’t have a track record. We also talk about the risks of mergers and acquisitions and the importance of backups and security.

Alongside every episode, there are these Show Notes which include a summary of the content of the show and any useful links as well as the full transcript which you can find below.

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