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#27 An interview with Anna Watson

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In this episode, I talk to Anna Watson, independent Scentsy director. Anna talks about how a chance gift from her cousin in Australia opened up a whole new career which she fits around her family. The company’s main products are flame-free scented candles a safe alternative to normal candles.

In January 2018, after 20 years in recruitment, she took the brave leap into working for herself with the support and training of Scentsy’s network and resources. Her people skills learnt in recruitment has helped her mentor people in her team. She has successfully applied great communication skills and relationship building techniques to build a team of 40 all over the UK.

She gains clients on social media and via face-to-face networking by offering trial samples. She presents the products to businesses where fragrance enhances their environment.

She works around the needs of her family supporting her boys through stressful exam times.

Wishing you all the best, Anna.

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Here is a link to her own Scentsy site

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