In this Habit Change eBook I take you through 12 steps so you have the best chance of banishing unwanted habits and building new ones.

By the time you have read the Habit Change eBook you will have a tried and tested system for:

  • Getting your home office organised
  • Keeping on top of emails
  • Drinking more water for better health
  • Learning a new language
  • Writing that book you’ve always promised yourself
  • Reading more
  • Keeping a journal

Whatever you’ve wanted to start but found impossible to stick to, this system will give you the best chance of success. I’m joining in too – but you’ll have to email me to find out my new habit!

    Hi! My name's, Amanda Brown, business consultant and founder of the Homepreneur Community, helping people overcome the challenges of running a home-based business with advice on productivity, motivation and efficiency.

    I am the creator of the Homepreneur Productivity Course an online course to help you save 10 hours a week so you can take control of the working week, increase your revenue and  regain your work-life balance.

    I have also created the Business Focus Academy, an online monthly training programme to help homepreneurs manage their businesses effectively. 12 month's of coaching to take your business where you want it!


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