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Homepreneur News: August 2018

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It’s been one of those months when it seems that everyone else is on holiday apart from me. The roads are quiet and there are no children walking up to the village school every morning and afternoon. If the weather is nice like it has been then it’s no sacrifice staying at home as the evenings are warm and lunch is an outside affair.

This August though has been a bit different than previous ones with so many projects underway.

The Homepreneur Survey 2018

The Homepreneur Survey 2018 is complete with 550 responses. It reinforces how important getting out of the house and meeting people is for remaining sane and keeping work in perspective. Working on your own can drive you mad if you’re not careful. I’m crossing my fingers that the press release will be picked up by the Guardian! Download the Survey findings by filling in the form in the sidebar.

The decision to write the Homepreneur book to celebrate 20 years of working from home is stretching my writing abilities to the max. The book will be ready for publication sometime in November.

Productivity Course launching in October

One of the challenges many people who work from home face is being productive and not extending the working day into the evening and weekends at the expense of spending time with their family or pursuing hobbies and other personal projects. To help Homepreneurs save 10 hours a week, I’m creating an online course. The Productivity Course is the tried and tested system I use to manage my time so that I have the freedom to balance work and life.

Get in touch to join the VIP waitlist. Email amanda@alterra-consulting.co.uk

There’s some bonus training includes which is the 10+10+10+10 Revenue Growth Model. As consultants, coaches, trainers and freelancers showcasing your expertise is key to attracting new clients, commanding a stellar fee and providing people who recommend you with the collateral to make that referral easy.

Content Explosion: 1 to 100

If you write a newsletter, blog or article or have photo galleries of your latest designs, photos or videos then the Content Explosion: 1 to 100 free short course is for you. Click the image to register your interest and we'll send you the lessons via email when they are ready. You'll learn how to turn one piece of content into over 100 social media posts or more.


The Homepreneur Community

The Homepreneur community which I run via the Facebook group is growing daily with nearly 400 members. Please come and join us. This month I’m giving away 3 copies of Chris Ducker’s Youpreneur book. For a chance to receive a copy all you have to do is to invite other business people who work from home to join the group.

The Homepreneur Podcast

Finally. I’m launching the Homepreneur podcast. Our very own radio show available on your podcast app of choice. I’ll be interviewing other people who have built a home based business in various sectors who are at various stages of their journey. In between, there will be solo shows where I share some of the latest news and trends in the ever-growing world of home-based working.

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