Overcome the challenges of working from home

Homepreneur Productivity Course


The Homepreneur Productivity Course for Coaches, Consultants and Freelancers 

Learn the 10-step process to save 10 hours a week for optimal work-life balance

Over the past 20 years of working from home and bringing up a family at the same time, I understand how important it is to maximise every hour to get the most from your day so you can maintain your work-life balance.

To help you save 10 hours a week, I have created a course which teaches you the optimal system for managing your week.

  • Online video training with supporting PDF checklists, audio recording and slides
  • Templates for weekly schedules and daily planning
  • Learn at your own pace with all modules and lessons available as soon as you sign up
  • Step by step lessons to implement immediately
  • Track your progress on the course dashboard

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Homepreneur Productivity Course