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Marketing Action Plan – Part 1

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MAP for a caterer

This is the first in a three-part series of blog posts explaining how the develop a Marketing Action Plan for different businesses.

In this example I am using a catering business to show a simple Marketing Action Plan.

The owner currently has three revenue streams:

  1. Catering for corporate business meetings, lunches and events
  2. Private dining catering in clients’ homes
  3. Cookery school held in her own kitchen to small groups teaching cuisines from around the world.

She has carried out a Marketing Audit and has identified the following goals.

She want to focus on increasing the corporate catering business revenue by 15% over the next 12 months as it is the most profitable work and fits around her personal commitments. She has identified there is capacity to cope with this growth without incurring additional labour costs.

Her primary challenge is her small list of corporate contacts and lack of knowledge about their requirements for catering.

In addition she wants to maintain the private dining catering at current levels and increase the cookery school as these goals meets her vision for the future.

One-off tasks

Before implementing specific Marketing Strategies for the corporate catering and the cookery school, there are a number of one-off projects which need addressing as part of the MAP.

  • improving the website
  • email contact segmentation
  • redesign of her newsletter

When it comes to implementing your own strategies there will be a number of one-off tasks which need to be completed before starting on any tactics. Concentrate on those tasks which are directly related to the chosen tactics otherwise you can get bogged done in perfectionism.

Website improvements

The caterer identified a number of improvements to her website content and structure:

  • improved content and calls to action for different audiences,
  • a refined navigation and menu structure,
  • clearer contact forms,
  • a downloadable lead magnet and
  • special offers.

Email segmentation

By segmenting her email list into three groups she will be able to send specific emails tailored to different audiences. These groups are:

  1. business clients,
  2. private dining clients and
  3. cookery lessons students

Running through the list she can tag each contact so they receive specific information. A tag is a labelling system used by email service providers to categorise contacts. Each contact may have one or more tags. She also decides to relaunch a general monthly newsletter to revitalise her list.

Time is allocated in her schedule to complete these one-off tasks. Any costs are estimated. She estimated 15 hours on the website improvements and segmenting the email list, and half a day assistance from an email marketing specialist to design an email template.

With the one-off tasks completed she turned to compiling specific strategies for growing the corporate catering and cookery school business. She decided not to actively market the private dining business but to rely on former clients and ad hoc requests that meet her schedule.

Chosen Marketing Tactics

The Marketing Strategy for the corporate catering included the following tactics:

  • LinkedIn
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Autoresponder series

For the cookery school the following tactics were selected:

  • Facebook and Instagram organic posting and engagement
  • Facebook and Instagram paid advertising
  • Email marketing

For each tactic she put in place weekly activities for herself and an hour a week’s help with the email marketing from a virtual assistant at a cost of £25 per hour.

The caterer set a budget of £10 per day for Facebook advertising with the intention of increasing this amount over time.

In the next example, we consider an interior design business.

For the blog post on how to construct a Marketing Action Plan click: MAP

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