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Marketing Action Plan – Part 2

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Marketing Action Plan for an Interior Designer

This is the second in a three-part series of blog posts explaining how the develop a Marketing Action Plan (MAP) for different businesses.

Imagine an interior designer who has moved to a new area and is yet to build relationships with the local business community and has no local clients. Her specialty is the design and project management of renovations of large country properties.


In her previous location she had connections with architects and building companies. Her aim is to work on 10 projects in the next twelve months. With a strong portfolio, website and social media presence, her favoured marketing tactics to trial are:

    • Strategic partnerships with local architects and building companies
    • Google AdWords
    • Facebook and Instagram marketing, and
    • Networking

Her MAP included a set of one-off tasks which she scheduled into her calendar:

  1. Build a database of architects by searching the Royal Institute of British Architects website filtering by county.
  2. Use Google to search to find building companies to add to the database.
  3. Find local networking groups by searching online and visiting the BNI website and establish costs.
  4. Edit website and social media sites to reflect new location.
  5. Join local Facebook groups.
  6. Review and update website content.
  7. Design and print new printed materials.
  8. Find a Google AdWords consultant and establish a budget.
  9. Create a content plan for Facebook and Instagram and find online courses for learning how to use the platforms to best effect.

Having completed these one-off tasks, she would then have to set up a MAP with ongoing tactics.

In the next example, we consider an artist.

For the blog post on how to construct a Marketing Action Plan click: MAP

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