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Marketing Action Plan – Part 3

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Marketing Action Plan for an artist

This is the third in a three-part series of blog posts explaining how the develop a Marketing Action Plan (MAP) for different businesses.

In Part 1 of this three part series I set out an example of a MAP for a caterer

In Part 2 I set out an example of a MAP for an interior designer

In this final example, I am going to consider an artist who specialises in the field of ceramics. Many people who work from home are creatives – writers, poets, painters, sculptors, crafters, etc. They turn their skills into products bought by both consumers and businesses. Some are professionally trained and others have left another career to pursue a passion.

For the purposes of this example, the artist is professionally trained and has a studio in the garden. He previously worked part-time in a gallery and part-time on commissions from home. This year’s goal is to extend his product range and sell to more retail stores.

His marketing audit showed that most of his part-time revenue came from sales to private individuals, usually previous customers and a small proportion from recommendations.

In addition, with limited time, he sold directly to the public at a few summer craft fairs but recognises that the success of these events is both weather- and location-dependent – if you have a poor pitch and weather, sales sometimes only covered the cost of the stand.

With the decision to go full-time, and having done a Marketing Audit, he put together the following MAP combining offline and online tactics.

  1. Design and print of marketing literature showing the full range of ceramics.
  2. Research into booking art exhibitions, craft fairs and open studio events for the next year.
  3. Creation of the database of local independent retailers specialising in gifts and homewares.
  4. Contacting local galleries.
  5. Evaluation of trade shows in the sector.
  6. Regular updating of the website and improvements to the online shop.
  7. Using LinkedIn to discover buyers in retail sector.
  8. Better use of Instagram and Pinterest by creating a content calendar.

For the blog post on how to construct a Marketing Action Plan click: MAP


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