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#14 New Year, New You – Habit Change Challenge

Published by Amanda Brown on

In this episode I look at the challenge of habit change – embedding new positive habits and banishing unwanted habits.

We look at a process which you can use successfully to begin a new habit. Start with a tiny habit built on keystone habit. I describe how to use a habit tracker to record a chain of daily success. The habit loop of cue-response-reward is key to understanding how to change a habit. If-then statements can be used to help trigger your new habit.

Habit stacking is a tactic which attaches a new habit to a keystone habit. Take time to up the difficulty of a habit and find someone to hold you accountable. Write an agreement with yourself to minimise the likelihood of loopholes. Celebrate your successes!

Join the 12 Days of Habit Change Challenge here: https://www.homepreneur.co/habitchallenge/


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