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#15 Meet Susan Heaton Wright, vocal coach and communications expert

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In this episode I talk to vocal coach Susan Heaton Wright. She trains C-suite executives as well as individuals to make the best use of one of our most important tools – the voice which unlocks human interaction.

She emphasises the importance of tailoring your speeches to the audience and practicing in advance. Relaxing and enjoying the experience helps you to connect positively with people. Susan advises us to think about translating punctuation into pacing our speech; i.e. commas, full stops, paragraphs.

She has trade-marked the Superstar Communicator™ brand. Download her resources here:

http://eepurl.com/dI9KcH Be a great Podcast Guest ebook

http://eepurl.com/duMRtL 5 Top tips to being a great Communicator ebook

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