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#26: Decision Making and Mastering Change

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I introduce this topic by considering the importance of your vision and goals. Change may need to happen because of external factors which you have no control over – the economy, unexpected personal event, tragedy, or bad luck.

Internal factors we have a certain amount of control over should be the focus of our decision making. Making small changes when you deviate slightly off course is relatively simple. I like to call this pivoting.

Bigger changes require time. Your time horizon is personal to you. A vision for your business life, your ‘why’, helps you to remain consistent in making changes.

Mastering change is made up of decision making and problem-solving. I talk about the paradox of choice and planning fallacy. (See: https://www.homepreneur.co/planning-fallacy-not-your-fault/)

Human beings thrive on personal and professional growth.

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