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#7 An Introduction to Time Management

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In this episode, I introduce a 4-step process for evaluating our time in order to discover where time savings can be made in our work schedule. By switching our tasks from non-revenue to revenue-generating activities, significant increases to earnings can be made.

In the T.I.M.E. process:

  • T is for Targets,
  • I is for Information,
  • M is for Mindset and
  • E is for Efficiency.

Having time management targets and analysing how we currently use our time by carrying out a Time Audit plus embedding good habits, will lead to an increase in efficiency. The time saved can be used to improve our personal lives as well as devoting more time to ‘doing the work’ rather than ‘winning the work’ and ‘admin’ time.

You can find a full explanation of the T.I.M.E. Management system here: Time management

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