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#8 An interview with Sue Wybrow of The Businesses Community

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In this episode, Amanda Brown of Homepreneur interviews entrepreneur Sue Wybrow who runs The Businesses Community (TBC). She also runs Popdance which holds dance classes and parties for children and adults.

Sue Wybrow talks about how The Businesses Community has grown over the past 5 years into a vibrant online and offline community of business people across a wide range of industry sectors. It encompasses organisations of all sizes from micro businesses through to multi-million-pound companies.

There are regional Facebook groups where members support one another with advice. The websites provide members with the opportunity to promote their products and services and to share news and events. TBC supports their members on social media.

The business started in St Albans (about 25 miles north-west of London, England) and has expanded into Enfield (NE of London) and into Bedfordshire.

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