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Resistance and ‘Do the Work’

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Have you ever wondered how to overcome the mental block known as resistance when it comes to completing a project? Whether you're writing a book, embarking on a new relationship or setting up a new company there will be times when you hit a wall – a time when you feel like you can't possibly move forward. Even when the end is in sight, you find it almost impossible to get over the finish line.

Steven Pressfield, US fiction, non-fiction writer and playwright, offers a solution to resistance in his book, ‘Do the Work'. It's a short read. I read it from cover to cover in one sitting and will probably read it again to consolidate the learning.

The author crashed into the literary wall having spent two years writing The Confession. It took him a further year to plough through the crash and he ‘did the work' to produce a work he was proud of. He used self-awareness and ambition to push through the resistance and achieve his goal.

Pressfield advises us not to get bogged down in detailed research but to act first and review and revise later, with one eye always on answering: What is this project about? What is missing from the solution as it stands at the moment? You then fill in the gaps. This requires having a plan in place but quelling the chattering brain which takes us down blind alleys and steers us off course.

Of vital importance is being ready to ‘ship'. This is evidenced in software where beta versions are published (shipped) and updates are announced as the product is refined.

Discover more entertaining writing and anecdotes on Steven Pressfield's blog.



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