Overcome the challenges of working from home

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Hello and welcome to the Homepreneur website!

I'm Amanda Brown, founder of Homepreneur a source of information to help you make the transition from being employed to starting a home-based business which sustains your interest and passion as well as meeting your financial needs.

Making big changes in your life is exciting but also full of uncertainty. You will have a whole of raft of questions and advice coming at you from many directions. My aim is to signpost you to some of the very best from people who have already taken the plunge.

Who is a Homepreneur?

There is frequently a catalyst which drives people to start a home-based business. Let's take a look some of the different situations people find themselves in:

  • You may have taken time away from being employed to start a family or to look after children during their early years. You are now ready to fit a brand new business around family life.
  • You may be recently retired but feel you still have a great deal of knowledge, skills, energy and desire to put into a new full or part-time career.
  • You might want to take the knowledge that you have gained whilst in a corporate environment and to now offer the same or a similar product or service under your own banner.
  • You might be facing redundancy – one of the most traumatic events anyone can experience during their working life.

Whatever situation you are in or whatever the catalyst that has catapulted you into setting up on your own, it's going to be an exciting time. No doubt there will be challenges along the way but with the resources offered here, I am going to set you up for success rather than failure. I have been down a few ‘rabbit holes' during a long career but they have all informed the next project. Learning from our mistakes and bouncing back from them are just two of many important lessons you will learn in the journey to a new working life.

Common Characteristics of a Homepreneur

So a Homepreneur may be:

  • single or married,
  • young or old,
  • desk bound or out of doors

but the one thing they all have in common is that they are largely in control of their working day. On the flip side of this freedom, is that most people working from home have to wear many hats; they are bookkeeper, marketer, web designer, finance specialist and project manager. If you enjoy diversity and being in control of your destiny then running your own business will be a very rewarding.

On the other hand, someone who knows in their heart of hearts that they are a super specialist then this route might be a challenge. These challenges are not insurmountable as the rise of the virtual assistant (a home-based business in itself) and the popularity of outsourcing means you may by physically on your own but supported by a whole raft of experts.

We'll look at the challenges the homepreneur faces in more detail but I have found that there are three interrelated themes which are experienced by the vast majority of people who work on their own:

  1. isolation
  2. motivation
  3. productivity

The information you will find on this website isn't solely for people wanting to make a living online – the internet entrepreneurs. It covers lifestyle businesses, as the Dragon's Den calls them, as well as those people, like my parents and brother, who make a living from their creativity. 

Homepreneur will provide you with some solid advice from someone who has worked largely on their own for 20 years, who left the corporate world to have children and who retrained to begin a career in garden design before returning the business to business world as a consultant nearly 10 years ago.

Throughout this website you will find links to experts in their field. People who have trodden this path before and who have been successful. These people share their expertise generously with others either for free or for a small investment. I am indebted to a long list of experts whose knowledge I have distilled into the information you find here.

The Resources page is divided into several sections guiding you so that you can find the a reliable answer to your question without endless searching on Google or wondering if the information you are reading is both reliable and timely.

So here's to your success. Not just financial but making the most out of what life has to offer.