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Start with the why

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Ten years ago when I set up my consultancy, I focused on helping businesses with their strategy. As the years passed, this evolved into advising on online strategy including social media, email and website communications. In the past year, I have returned to the broader topic of business focus with the development of the Homepreneur brand, the podcast, and the upcoming book, as well as the Business Focus Academy.

What happened to make me re-evaluate my vision? 

There were decisions brought on by external factors, as well as personal choices on my part. What I did was to regularly revisit the vision I have for both my professional and personal life.

Start with the ‘why'

Allowing yourself time to picture your ideal home-working life should not be regarded as self-indulgent, but rather as a valuable exercise for determining what success looks like for you.

Your vision and goals are highly personal and will evolve over time. Just because your vision looked one way five years ago doesn’t mean it won’t shift as circumstances change. There are occasions in your life where things happen to you, over which you have no control. For example:

  • legislation,
  • innovation,
  • personal events, such as divorce or a death
  • the birth of a child
  • economic growth or slump
  • a new competitor or
  • simple bad luck

Looking too far into the future may mean your goals are less easy to picture and plan for. Perennial entrepreneur, Tai Lopez keeps his vision to less than a year and sets his goals weekly. Personally, I look about five years ahead when it comes to a long-term vision and I set annual goals which are broken down into shorter sprints.

Having a single vision is truly hard. Make it easier by spending time setting goals for your work, your health, your social life, and your personal fulfillment and remember, there are no right or wrong answers.

Arianna Huffington's book ThriveArianna Huffington in her book ‘Thrive’ urges us to look beyond money and status as measures of success and not to forget the importance of wellness in the broadest sense. If you try to balance on a two-legged stool with just money and status (or power) to hold you up, you will very soon topple over. She advises us to add well-being as the third leg of the stool in order to create stability and balance. As a workaholic, she burnt out and ended up having to reevaluate the way in which she was running her life. She now takes a holistic view of success, with well-being at the core.

Another sound piece advice comes from the consultant and motivational speaker, Simon Sinek in his book, “Start with Why“. He encourages us to focus on why we do what we do. In other words, rather than thinking about our work in terms of what we do and how we do it, focusing on why we do it, will help us to create a single vision for work which will inform the decisions we have to make. My what is to help business owners focus on effective communications so that they can be more productive, save time, increase their revenue and gain better work-life balance. I do this by auditing their current situation and making recommendations for new efficient methods, and the why is that I want to help other homepreneurs meet their goals. 

When you falter in your decision to work from home, go back to your vision, re-examine your ‘why’ and refocus on your goals.

Knowing what success looks like for you and having a clear vision and goals will help you remain consistent and motivated when it comes to working from home and the benefits will far outweigh the problems.

This goes beyond how your brand is remembered, it is the mark you want to leave on the world. Richard Branson equates success with personal fulfillment.

In my opinion, true success should be measured by how happy you are.”


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