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The problem with New Year’s resolutions

Published by Amanda Brown on

It only happens once a year

When I was a child there always seemed to be something new happening – a new teacher, a new term, a new school friend, new clothes as you grew out of them (or at least a new hand-me-down). As children there are punctuations throughout the year which allow you to throw off the old and to begin again.

And even when you go to college or university there are new modules, new books to study, new places to visit in the holidays.

As human beings we are acutely affected by what’s happening to us, by the messages we read, hear and see every day – almost without realising it.

The media is New Year mad.

How many offers have you seen lately for gym memberships encouraging you to get fit, January sales enticing you back into the shops and ads for the next weight loss fad?

The problem is that for adults the New Year is hyped up to such an extent that you’re lulled into thinking that you only have ONE chance to make a significant change to your life.

Well this obviously isn’t the case.

It’s just that so much weight (excuse the pun) is placed on setting goals on January 1st.

We need to give ourselves permission to reinvent ourselves whenever we want to. So, don’t despair if you break your New Year’s resolutions as there is always another day you can begin again.

Manufacture your own beginnings as often as you like. For example, a new opportunity to begin again comes round on the 1st of every month. Other significant dates are the spring and autumn equinoxes, mid-summer, the start of each school holiday, your birthday, anniversary or even your children’s birthdays. I expect you can think of a couple of dozen significant dates during the year when a resolution could start afresh or anew – that’s every fortnight.

Take out your diary, planner or online calendar for the year and mark on your Begin Again dates.

Don’t wait until the eve of 2021 to start a new habit. Begin today.

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